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We offer the following courses privately on demand. Animal Communication is available as online tuition.

Animal Communication

Animal Communication involves communicating with animals energetically and non-verbally through telepathy and intuition.

The ability to communicate inter-species is our natural birth-right and something that we are all capable of. Once we master the process it just takes practice.

Learning to communicate inter-species is a profound journey of the heart enabling us to better understand one another and to lean deeper into our relationships with Animals and Nature

Many of the Animal Communication exercises and practices can be beneficially applied to other areas of our lives, for example: deeper intuition levels, stronger visualization abilities, better listening skills, enhanced empathy, a quieter mind, lower levels of stress, higher levels of heart coherence and resilience, and a healthier, calmer, more harmonious and balanced over all physiological state.

Individual in-person tuition is available on demand on the farm in Klapmuts.

Horse Whispering

Our version of Horse Whispering is the art of listening deeply to horses, with the intention of understanding them fully, in order to relate to them at the deepest level. It requires time, experience, thorough knowledge of horses, and a subtle and sensitive approach.

Compassion, empathy, keen observation and feel are key aspects of relating across species, as well as an attitude of equality and respect. Relating and bonding happen at a deeper and richer level, along with heightened levels of intuition and direct-knowing, and a greater appreciation for the horse as a species. Horse whispering extends into a way of working with, handling, training or riding horses that is richly rewarding for both.

There are two aspects to the learning:
the one is learning information about the horse, and the other is experiential.

No prior horse experience is required to learn with us, novices are welcome.
Individual Tuition is available on demand in Klapmuts

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