Build a bigger, better, bolder life – with Horses


We are an Equine Assisted Wellness facility based in Klapmuts, Cape Town.

Together with horses as our co-facilitators we support predominantly women from age sixteen up to develop personal power and wellness on all levels – mental, emotional and physical.

Our Horse Medicine work combines our four decades of horsemanship with fourteen years of life-coaching, equine assisted coaching, counselling, mentoring and the innate wisdom of horses, in a practical, grounded and embodied way outdoors in nature on a spacious and beautiful farm.

The un-examined life is not worth living – Socrates

When we pay conscious attention to our lives, our stories, our experiences and their unfolding, our lives become richer, deeper, and more rewarding

It’s a time of great change.

It is undeniably a time of great change.

Many lives are in upheaval. The systems that we have been using are not working (for all people). Many of us are struggling to maintain balance and hold vision buffeted by countless changing circumstances. We are being challenged individually and collectively to find a new way of being and doing, new systems that care for our earth and accommodate all people. It’s a time where guidance is sorely needed, the medicine of strong community is called for, and where learning from the animals is key.

If you are experiencing any of the following you are certainly
not alone

Confusion, anxiety, chronic heightened stress, feelings of hopelessness, frustration, helplessness, overwhelm, depletion or isolation.

You may also be struggling to..

Make sense of your experience and reality. Find your truth and purpose. Develop inner resilience. Up your confidence. Set healthy boundaries. Navigate healthy relationships. Develop assertiveness and find your power.

It’s a lot.
And we’ve been there

Through many, many years of engaging with horses, animals and nature we’ve come to understand and fully appreciate the value that they provide.

The value of Nature,
Animals, and Horse Medicine

The benefits of time spent in Nature are now well documented.

We’ve experienced directly how nature-time and the animals offer us the wisdom, healing, holding, and the simplicity required to restore and re-member our essential, optimal, and fully-functional selves and so we offer

structured time spent in nature
with an abundance of farm animals and wildlife,
and of course a diverse herd of horses
as our Horse Medicine co-facilitators

We offer Horse Medicine

Globally horses of all shapes and sizes are facilitating deep, profound, much needed and richly transformational work

This is Horse Medicine.

If you’re feeling stuck,
challenged, or needing to be heard

We have big ears and hearts. Come and work with the horses and gain from the perspective, support, and guidance of horse and herd.

Our intention through our Horse Medicine Sessions is to guide you to a place of FLOW, from where you can navigate your life with mindfulness, clarity, and purpose.

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So why horses?

There’s something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man – Winston Churchill

This is the absolute truth! Just being around a horse is heart-warming and puts an instant smile on faces.

There are many reasons why horses are fantastic co-facilitators in the arena of personal development.

  • Horses are masters at reading energy
  • Horses are excellent teachers
  • Horses teach personal power
  • Horses teach life-skills
  • Horses are non-judgmental and non-discriminatory
  • Horses naturally seek connection and relationship
  • And there is this deep connection between women and horses – which makes working with horses especially powerful for women.

Horses naturally seek
connection and relationship

We choose to work with horses because they have this incredible capacity for connection and relationship, and through the safe and predictable relationships that our clients build with the horses genuine and lasting change can occur.

*It’s not talk therapy

One of the big differences between working with horses and other modalities is that the work with horses is full-bodied work that engages all of the senses. It is very physical, active and holistic work, not one-dimensional talk therapy that engages only the mind.

share some key characteristics

A typical horsewoman tends to be confident, bold, strong, capable, clear, assertive, active, persistent, communicative, and practical.

These are great characteristics to have and embody…

The question is, who taught these women?
Well, the horses did!

The fact of working with a horse requires you to develop these specific strengths and characteristics – both due to the nature of a horse and also due to their intimidating size.

But you don’t have to become an equestrian
or learn to ride in order to achieve the same.

You can achieve this, (and more), through working with horses on the ground, at liberty, with the horses participating fully as session co-facilitators and freely of their own will and accord.

The benefits of working with
Horse Medicine include

  • the novelty factor of a new experience
  • conscious interspecies interaction
  • fresh perspectives and insights
  • dual facilitation from a qualified human professional and the horses
  • an experience that is embodied, physical, active and includes touch
  • time spent outdoors with the added benefits of Nature
  • physical entrainment, heart coherence, and co-regulation
  • relaxation, debriefing, unwinding and de-stressing

embodied. grounded. and active.

The need for Connection and Conversation

Our work with the horses meets the following needs

  • deep conversation and the processing of our individual experience
  • the space and time to go inwards and access the rich resources and solutions that reside there
  • tools to navigate the obstacles and challenges that need to be faced
  • creative resourcing to revision the life that each of us personally wants to be living
  • connection – and to be seen, heard and acknowledged
  • the opportunity to co-regulate and de-stress

What do you personally need?

Horses are MASTER teachers and working with them delivers big results

If you are looking to improve your life – then you are in the right place

Horses teach personal power.

Horses teach boundaries, confidence, assertiveness, congruency, authenticity, persistence, patience, stamina, planning and strategizing, clear and effective communication, relationship, partnership, connection, bonding, awareness and understanding of another’s experience, leadership, teamwork, compassion, embodiment, energy management, self-awareness, presence, coherence, co-regulation, community, and family.

They also teach about freedom, responsibility, and how to live Big and Bold.

You’ll notice that all of these qualities and life-skills are essential to our daily lives and necessary for our success

And horses teach life-skills

Horses live and embody many of the skills and qualities that are omitted from our education but that are essential to a functional and successful life, including –

relationship, effective communication, conflict resolution, healthy boundaries, right place within the community, teamwork, and leadership.

If you need strengthening in any of these areas – then this is for you

Are you ready to play?

There are many ways to engage with horses and we’ve experience how they all offer good medicine. There’s just something about being around horses and engaging with them that makes us feel so good. Because we feel that Horse Medicine comes in many different forms we offer a variety of ways for you to engage with us and the horses.

The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact
with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit and freedom – Sharon Ralls Lemon

Choose your medicine

Choose below how you’d like to engage with us.


Horses naturally have a coherent heart rhythm and they are masters at co-regulating. Come and learn from them how to manage your health and wellbeing. We’ll combine entraining to the horses, with physical and breathing exercises, earthing, heart coherence, mindfulness, meditation and energy dynamics.


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Facilitator bio

A life-long Horse lover with four decades of horse experience, Sam Huckle is both an equine professional and a facilitator with twenty-five years of experience in the arena of personal empowerment, mindfulness, self-development, and transformation.

Sam’s knowledge, skillset, qualifications and experience include HNLP Coaching, NLP, Eriksonian hypnotherapy (Jevon Dangeli), Counselling (Life-Line), Equine Assisted Learning and Coaching (Vanessa Malvacini, Omega-tac), mentoring (BBBSSA), Shamanism, Animal Communication (Anna Breytenbach), Meditation, Art of Living philosophy and practice, Vipassana, Reiki (Master), Pranic Healing, Reconnective Healing, TTOUCH, Non Violent Communication, Family Constellations (Gui Barcellos, Claudia Vassão), The Horse Boy Method, and Ceremonial Work and technologies for enhancing Community including Vision Quest, Sweat Lodge, Talking Circle, and more.

In her other life Sam is a permaculturist, landscaper, organic grower, and nurserywoman – in all ways deeply connected to Nature.

” As a facilitator I get to embody and translate the wisdom and qualities of Horse into a powerful wellness model that is grounded, practical, insightful and guaranteed to enrich and empower You! ” – Sam Huckle

We’re ready for you!

Join us in the arena

Our in-person sessions are held outdoors in a beautiful paddock setting, with one or more horses.
Absolutely no previous horse experience is required, we work with the horses on the ground (non-ridden).
Through skillfully facilitated interaction with horses we step you through a process of navigating and overcoming life challenges

“We’ve learnt and experienced how working with horses keeps us grounded, present, awake and aware – basically in an optimal state”

It’s about your quality of life and your success


It was amazing, don’t know what took me so long!

Beautiful Powerful Inspiring Containing.
Deep Gratitude 

Thank you for the encouragement and offer to play.

Thanks for kicking my ass. I need it at times!

Thanks so much. Amazing to explore the herd’s wisdom. Enjoyed doing this.

– feedback from Group Work participants

I was so moved by the last workshop, it was very, very special for me, to connect with the herd and to connect with myself, and all the messages that came through, very powerful. I think that the workshop was a really powerful starter for just trusting my intuition and my leadership and my sovereignty.

Workshop participant Ella Grieg, Woman’s Full Moon Circle facilitator

I recently had my first horse constellation with Sam Huckle from Medicine Horse. The experience was truly majestic with her magnificent horses. The horses picked up on my energy from the time of my arrival and the constellation began almost immediately. It was profound. They enter the knowing field very quickly and started to engage with me, offering exactly what I needed. Sam’s guidance, patience, sensitivity, experience and wisdom to know what’s needed next and at the right time was tremendous. I highly recommend a session with Sam and her beautiful horses.

Family Constellations client Meryl Abrahams, Professional Specialised Kinesiologist

Dearest Sam

To let you know that even though this week has been extremely stressful regarding family and Life in general 

These Soulful Questions are holding and supporting me in the gentlest and firmest and most sure-footedness of ways

This energy is extraordinary centering calming focusing

The Truth of my shadow and the celebration of my light is tumbling out,

This beautiful magnificent process Knows

And my appreciation and gratitude Know no bounds

– DM, 30 Days of Soulful Questions participant

Thank you very much for this journey. Thank you for all the hard work you put in to share the Wisdom of the horses & to keep in touch with us & inspire us daily. Much appreciated. I looked forward to the daily gift from the horses. 

I have held the question in mind & heart daily together with the horse wisdom. It has given each day a unique focus & been inspiring. Lovely to bring oneself into resonance with the universal wisdom of the herd. 

So thank you very much. Blessings. Michelle
30 Days of Soulful Questions participant

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