Welcome to our world of horses

We work with horses as co-facilitators offering individual sessions and group workshops for our clients on a beautiful farm out in Klapmuts, Cape Town.

Medicine Horse is a facility where we work specifically with the assistance of horses to help people both identify and transform challenges at a very deep level. Our clients get to see and experience themselves through the eyes of a horse, making unconscious patterns and behaviours visible and tangible to work with.

We understand horses to be so much more than animals for riding.

Our experience and understanding of horses is that they are wise, emotional, sentient, relationship-orientated, powerful, connected and loving animals.

They are also natural healers and amazing teachers.

Horses can help us with any aspect of our lives and the challenges that we may face on a day-to-day basis.

As westernized human living becomes more complex, pressurized and disconnected from natural simplicity, horses remind us to live in a grounded, clear and centered (focused) manner. They remind us of what is real, essential and truly valuable.

Around the world horses are being employed therapeutically with enormous benefit to the people who need their intervention. And there is plenty of scientific and anecdotal information available on how the horses work their magic.

Sam facilitates a supportive space where you can land fully and begin to benefit immediately from the powerful presence of horses and the work that they willingly co-facilitate.

Horses insist on balance, stability, harmony and clear communication in the other members of their herd and in the people who work and spend time with them.

In a session the communication and feedback received from the horses is translated into information that the client can work with.

The horses give feedback continuously, showing us shifts and changes in the client as she or he makes progress.

Humans and horses have a very long history of relationship together, around 6000 years. Horses have served our evolution as a species, along with the development of modern civilization. We are deeply indebted to the horse! While in the past horses have served us physically, by carrying us on their backs or pulling carts and chariots, these days horses are serving humans in a very different way. We have hippotherapy where horses assist people physically, but increasingly around the world we are noticing just how incredible horses are at helping us on the inside – on the mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Key Medicine Horse facilitator Sam Huckle combines an NLP and Equine Assisted Coaching framework with a Counselling and Mentoring skillset, and 30+ years of horsemanship. Sam is a Systemic Family Constellations practitioner and offers Family Constellations together with Horses. Her background includes: Eriksonian hypnotherapy; energy modalities Reiki, Pranic, and Reconnective healing; and Animal Communication. Sam’s own personally evolved form of horsemanship is called Medicine Horsemanship; it is based on Animal Communication, relationship, energy-work, and personal development and awareness.

Sessions are available weekdays and weekends.

Please contact us via whatsapp for further information, to book, or to schedule a 10 minute introductory chat.


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