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Medicine Horsemanship tuition

We offer a Medicine Horsemanship program for beginners wanting to start their journey with horses, in a way that is horse-centered, holistic, natural, and comprehensive.  

We also offer Medicine Horsemanship to those who have started learning to ride in the traditional riding school way, but would like to learn so much more about horses including: building a relationship with horses, learning about horses, working on the ground and at liberty, playing bonding games, and more.

Our horses are barefoot and ride bitless, and our tuition is based on Animal Communication and a deep understanding of the horse as an animal and a sentient being.


Horsemanship refers to the skill and art of working with horses. It encompasses the knowledge, understanding, and practical abilities involved in handling, riding, and caring for horses.

Horsemanship is about so much more than just learning to ride

Our kind of horsemanship is heart-centered around the connection and relationship between horse and human – this is core and also very much the starting point of the learning.

So what’s the Medicine part of our Horsemanship?

Well, horsemanship starts with you, even before we start with the horse. That’s because we humans have an immediate and invisible effect on the horse through our energy, thoughts, emotions, and body language. Learning to become more conscious of our physical body, our energetic state, and our thoughts and feelings, is a big part of the work with horses and helps us to form a better connection with the horse – and ultimately to become a far safer rider and horse-partner.

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