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Horse Medicine Sessions

What is Horse Medicine?

We offer in-person Horse Medicine sessions with the horses in Klapmuts.

Horse Medicine sessions are personal development sessions that combine coaching, counselling, and mentoring skill-sets with co-facilitation from the Horses.

If you do not go within you go without –
Neale Donald Walsch

Join us in exploring your life from the inside out.
Come and meet yourself through the eyes and heart of a horse.

Horse Medicine is the essence and energy of Horse; the unique qualities, characteristics, physicality, nature and instincts that all combine together into an animal that has a long, rich, and invaluable history of relationship with humans.

The history of mankind is carried on the back of a horse – author unknown

When we spend time consciously being and engaging with horses, we find that a certain healing takes place within us naturally. We get to see and experience ourselves through their eyes, gaining new information and inviting learning, growth, and an opportunity for transformation.

Choose your session

1.5 hour session

Medicine Session

Most clients start with a Medicine Session, the first session usually runs to 2 hours in duration.

In a Medicine Session you choose what you would like to work and focus on – and we provide the framework and the facilitation.

Whether you require counselling or active goal-orientated coaching we set-up your session and your interaction with the horses accordingly.

3.5 hour session

Mini-Morning Immersion

If you would like to immerse yourself in a morning of Equine Facilitated Personal Development then this is a weighty session that covers a lot of ground and achieves in depth.

1 hour session

Power Hour

Available to clients who have completed a Medicine Session.

A Power Hour jumps straight in to the topic at hand.

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How does Horse Medicine work?

Horses are masters at reading energy.

And Quantum Physics lets us know that it’s ALL energy!

Energy precedes thought; emotion; belief systems; actions; behaviors; and physical matter or manifestation. Our personal energy is at the root of our life experience.

At the simplest level energy flows or is blocked.

The horses help us ascertain where our energy flows and where it is blocked. With this information from the horses the areas where we need to work are highlighted.

Online Horse Medicine

Online Horse Medicine sessions are available at your convenience – facilitated from the perspective of Horse and Herd. If you are not able to attend a Horse Medicine session with the horses in person you are welcome to book an online session. Online Horse Medicine Sessions incorporate the same coaching, counselling, and mentoring skill-sets as our in person sessions, with the aim and intention of personal development – and the sessions also incorporate the wisdom and power of the horses, as well as information about them that pertains to how we can live our lives more effectively.

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