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Compassionate Communication (NVC)

Effective communication can be a struggle for many people. Communication is essential to our daily lives and to all of our relationships, from co-worker relationships, to friends, family and intimate relationship. Non-Violent Communication is a rich, meaningful and compassionate way of communicating that allows for each person to be received, heard, and understood, and which also provides tools and techniques to express in an effective way. Compassionate Communication seeks greater understanding between people and always a win-win scenario.

Compassionate Communication is available online or in person.

Food for Thought – Eating for Optimal Health and Wellness

Optimal health is essential to our well-being and our enjoyment of life and longevity. The power and responsibility for our own basic health should lie with each of us individually, but this requires education. “Let food be thy Medicine” makes utmost sense to us – healthy, organic, fresh, nutrient dense food eaten in diversity goes a very long way to ensuring that our bodies function efficiently, that we enjoy sustained energy levels and that we feel our best. If you’d like to make healthy eating a priority and change your eating habits then join me and I’ll guide you through making changes those changes in a fresh and delicious way.

Food for Thought is available online or in person.

Right Relationship

Healthy Relationships are essential for our wellbeing. Human beings are social by nature benefiting from community, connection – and designed to co-regulate together with others. Relationships, in particular romantic relationships, can be a great source of pain. Most of us follow the relationship blueprint handed down by our parents – or we aim for the delusional love relationships that we see in movies. What is Right Relationship to you? Creating your own relationship blueprint, deciding what you value and how you would like your romantic (or other) relationships to be is a journey and a process of healing old wounds. Along the way we’ll explore attachment styles, and emerge with a richer, deeper understanding of what it means to be in meaningful relationship.

Horses are Master teachers of relationship, Right Relationship is available online but in person sessions with the horses make the experience and the learning much richer.

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