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Playtime with Horses

Needing a break and some fun time to relax?
Looking for a new experience?
Love to engage and learn something new with horses?

Our Playtime Session serves as a great introduction to the work that we do at Medicine Horse, or, it can simply be a light-hearted, active, fun and relaxing timeout from your day and an enjoyable activity.

Playtime Sessions are available for all ages, children, teens and adults. No prior equine experience is required to take part.

Playtime Sessions are an hour long.

Choose how you’d like to Play

Playtime Session options include:

  • take a walk with the horses
  • engage with the herd
  • swim with the horses in the dam
  • learn about horses
  • groom
  • practice gentle join-up
  • liberty work in the arena

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We are open 7 days a week by appointment only.
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We are located in Klapmuts.
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