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Walk About with Horses

Walking meditation

Science can now verify and explain some of the magic that we experience when we engage with horses.

The horse is a much larger animal than us, with a heart five times the size, which generates a large energy field. Simply by standing in proximity to a horse we are automatically engulfed in its energy field. What does this mean? Our body begins to entrain to that of the horse; our body rhythms start to sync up, breathing, heart rate, heart coherence…..

For the most part horses live a far less stressed life than we humans, which means that we want to sync our systems up to theirs, for our health and well-being.

This positive horse impact extends to our minds too. Animals live in the present moment; not in the past or the future as we humans tend to. By being with horses our minds begin to quieten, and our hearts open, leading us easily into a desired altered state of blissful present moment meditation and ease.

Walking in silence with horses becomes an experience of present moment attentive and enlivened connection which can extend outwards into a state of communion with all of Nature.

This is a silent meditation exercise walking out with a horse in hand, and includes guided reflection time according to what arises and what you would like to express

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