Transformational Life Enrichment
through the Powerful Presence of Horses

Healing Space held by Horses in Hout Bay

Medicine Horse is a holistic healing space in beautiful Hout Bay
where Horses co-facilitate the healing process

Horses healing Humans


At Medicine Horse Sam and the horses create a space for you to be in, a safe space, a contained space. A confidential space, a private space, a quiet space held by nature, held by Sam, held by wildlife, and held by horses. It’s a space for you to land in, gently and softly. A space for you to turn up, in whichever way you want to. To turn up with tears, to turn up with joy, with laughter, with anger. Turn up as you are, and we go from there. We sit with what is. We move with what moves. And we notice where we land up. We notice what shifts, what changes, what arises. Its your time, it’s your space. You will be witnessed, seen, heard, guided and facilitated by Sam and the Medicine Horses.

Wild Horse Wisdom

about Horse Medicine

The medicine of horse is vast and profound and of benefit to us in so many ways, especially in these globally challenging times. Horse medicine helps us to ground, take a deep breath, become present, re-source ourselves in nature, and connect.

At Home in a Herd of Horses

about Sam

Horses are an essential part of my life and always have been. From a very young age having a horse was more about the relationship than about riding. I deeply appreciate working with horses at my side, co-facilitating with them a rich and safe space for transformational healing to take place. I am most at home in among a herd of horses! Which for many people is akin to Sitting in the Fire. Horses are my tribe, my family. Their profound ability to offer and facilitate healing is what I would like to share with you.

Medicine Horses

Medicine Horse Sessions

There are a number of ways in which to work with us, our sessions include coaching, counselling, family constellations, medicine horse-min-ship, group-work and pop-ins.

The session takes place outdoors in a paddock, so please dress accordingly: no bare feet, no slip-slops or sandals will be allowed, please wear closed shoes. Pants and not skirts/dresses are recommended, as the latter may blow in the wind and scare the horses.

Care for your own comfort. Please bring a warm and windproof jacket and a rain jacket if there is a possibility of drizzle. Bring a water bottle and some snacks to ground yourself after the session.

No prior experience with horses is required. Working with horses does take place at your own risk and you will be required to fill out an indemnity form on your arrival. There is no riding involved in coaching, counselling, constellations, group-work or pop-in sessions.


Horses are like giant mirrors, reflecting back everything we need to see about ourselves. 

No prior horse experience is needed nor is there any riding involved,
the session takes place on the ground.

In a coaching session you will be given a series of tasks to complete together with the horse. These tasks give us information, deep insights, and show us where to work  Horses are master teachers of communication, clarity, alignment, authenticity, leadership, partnership, teamwork, confidence, assertiveness and much more. Mastering these abilities with the horse translates into application in all other areas of our lives, whether at work, with our children, with our partners and families, and in social situations.

Your life is your Masterpiece; your unique artwork. Any obstacles and challenges encountered along the way are generally lessons that grow us in character to the next level of being, functioning, visioning and creativity. Challenges successfully navigated make us stronger. What do you want to do with your life?  What stands in your way; what do you feel needs improving; what would you love to be better?

Equine assisted learning can create transformational results surprisingly quickly. Working with horses is truly an incredible experience – with the power to shift, grow and expand our lives exponentially.

Our equine assisted coaching is for those who would like to improve on any of the following areas in their lives: connection, confidence, communication, authenticity, clarity, introspection, self-expression, boundaries, self-care, relationship, teamwork, leadership, vision, goal-setting, alignment, spirituality, and conscious awareness.

Individual hourly sessions available

Choose to work together with a friend

Group sessions on demand

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The difference between a break-down and a break-through is a shift in our perception

Horses are incredible listeners. They do not judge, and they are truly compassionate and caring

The energy field generated by the heart of a horse is five times the size of that of a human. Simply being close to a horse or in the energy field of a horse at first causes an amplification of what we are feeling, encouraging our emotions, feelings and thoughts to rise to the surface, where they can be spoken out of the mind, and begin to find clarity and resolution. Beyond that we begin to entrain to the naturally calm, grounded, centered and present state of the horse, and this allows for deep relaxation and all important release.

Horses are all about emotion; they encourage us to go there. They are ever patient with what is moving within us – providing we are congruent, transparent, and honest with what we are feeling. They thus make incredible allies and natural counsellors, guiding us to that still place of clarity within, from which the next step forward emerges.

Many of our traumatic experiences revolve around interactions with other people. This can lead to us no longer trusting others, which leaves us with the conundrum: where do we turn when we are in need of healing? If the above speaks to you then you may already know the answer: we turn to nature and to our animal companions to provide that healing and nourishing and listening space. Horses offer us that space. They do it naturally and they excel at what they do; holding space in a very strong, grounded, powerful, safe and contained manner. Take that step forward and the horses will meet you where they are needed.

In a counselling session you are given the opportunity to simply speak your mind in a safe and confidential space, held and witnessed by a human facilitator together with the horses.

Individual hourly sessions available.

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Family Constellations

Family Constellations is a way of making the invisible, visible

Constellation healing takes place through space and time, for ourselves and our lineage

Family or Systemic Constellations is the work of Bert Hellinger. A constellation is a means of revealing and transforming hidden dynamics in our family system and our family lineage; persistent issues that have dogged us and have not been solvable using other therapeutic interventions.

A scenario is set up based on the client’s presenting issue, usually with people representing family members of the client. In the constellation work done with the assistance of horses, horses take on the role of representatives. The horses participate purely of their own choice and free will.

What we understand is that the horses are permanently connected to ‘the field’, the Morphic Field (Rupert Sheldrake), and thus automatically tapped into the information that we seek to access. They are already there! The other difference between humans and horses as representatives is that Horses do not act and cannot lie, so those potential human fallibilities are removed from the equation.

The constellation work done with the horses is not the very traditional approach of constellating, but the more modern approach of Bert Hellinger known as Movements of the Spirit


Many of our traumatic experiences revolve around interactions with other people. This can lead to us no longer trusting others, which leaves us with the conundrum: where do we turn when we are in need of healing? If the above speaks to you then you may already know the answer: we turn to nature and to our animal companions to provide that healing and nourishing and listening space. Horses offer us that space. They do it naturally and they excel at what they do; holding space in a very strong, grounded, powerful, safe and contained manner. Take that step forward and the horses will meet you where they are needed.


The following sessions are available:
Individual sessions
Individual session with a friend of yours
Group sessions

Please email for session details or to book


Medicine Horse-min-ship

Riding is a privilege and an honour that must first be earned 

It’s all about the relationship; the quality of the relationship


Medicine Horse-min-ship covers the following in detail:
Theory, Horse Care, Herd dynamics, Communication, Relationship, Bonding, Self-mastery, Posture, Energy Dynamics, Ground work – all of which finally translate into Riding, in a fully connected way. Our riding goal is to develop a tuned in, naturally excellent, independent seat – while all the time honouring the horse as an equal partner. Animal Communication is an important part of what we do and will also be shared with you




You’re the kind of client who understands the horse to be a sentient being with their own needs, desires, unique character, and expressions, and you value a relationship of respect and understanding with the horse over and above any sportsmanship goals and agendas. True partnership with a horse is an incredibly joyful experience, but like any relationship it requires a committed level of self work, self understanding and physical body awareness and fitness. The right to ride a horse is earned, and the riding goal is to ride in true connection as one – like a centaur.



Individual lessons are an hour
held weekly
booked a month at a time
and paid up front at the beginning of each month

Please email for session details or to book


Community is our natural way of being

Group-work is powerful;
the combined intent of a group of people achieves far more than an individual alone

When working with constellations and the morphic field, we understand that there is a resonance that attracts people to participate in a particular constellation. Our group work takes this concept – the concept of resonance – and makes use of it to work very intuitively in the moment with what arises. Sitting in circle to begin with we identify certain themes present within the group that are calling to be worked with and we organize ourselves from there together with the horses, with the understanding that the healing work that we do, is relevant to the individual, to the group, and to the larger collective as well. We can and do heal not only ourselves, but the greater collective as well, bringing higher levels of harmony, peace, and light to the world. This is beautiful work to do, in service to ourselves and something far greater.


You are someone who has already journeyed a long way along the path of healing, consciousness and awareness. You are open minded and flexible and comfortable working in a free and highly intuitive way, with whatever emerges.

Group work is held on weekends and the dates and details are specified under events.

Bio Sam Huckle

Sam has been a horsewoman for 30 plus years. She landed on this planet with an insistent and persistent need and desire to connect with horses. Lucky enough to have her own first horse at age thirteen, and another at age sixteen (rescued from the abattoir), like many teenage girls Sam managed to immerse herself in everything horsey. Fast forward many years and Sam came across the amazing work of Linda Kohanov, author of The Tao of Equus and creator of EponaQuest, who’s work has literally opened the eyes of so many horse people to the value of horse just for Being, and to the realm of Equine Assisted work. What incredible work and what an incredible inspiration! Such richness, meaning and depth. So very many pieces of the horse-puzzle fell into place and could finally make sense: the intensity of horse-human relationship, the incredible depth, mystery, consciousness and awareness of the horse, and the horse’s very clear role as guide and teacher.




Counselor (Life-Line trained), HNLP coach, NLP practitioner, Eriksonian hypnotherapist, In Rhythm with your Authentic Self (in the lineage of Linda Kohanov), Reiki master, Pranic healing practitioner, Reconnective healing practitioner I & II, mentor on the Big Brother Big Sister SA program. Animal Communication (Anna Breytenbach), Village Building (community building, Jon Young), Shamanism, Omega-EAL Group-work & Individual work, The Horse Boy Method 1 (the work of Rupert Isaacson). Sam is a Shamanic Family Constellator and has recently completed Module I and II of Quantum Constellations with Claudia Vassao and Katherine Jansen.

With a very deep connection to nature and the indigenous peoples of our planet Sam has experienced directly the richness and power of many nature immersion and reconnection practices. She has completed her 4 day/night Vision Quest, served as a dog soldier in the For the One Youth Dance, and sat in many Temazcal (sweat lodge) ceremonies over the last 11 years, with teachers local and international. All of the above and more – including running a Permaculture and landscaping business for 15 years – contribute to Sam’s very grounded and natural approach to her work with the Horses, Nature, plants, and people.

Participant feedback

I recently had my first horse constellation with Sam Huckle from Medicine Horse. The experience – set in the beautiful mountains and valley of Hout Bay – was truly majestic with her magnificent horses. The horses picked up on my energy from the time of my arrival and the constellation began almost immediately. It was profound. They enter the knowing field very quickly and started to engage with me, offering exactly what I needed. Sam’s guidance, patience, sensitivity, experience and wisdom to know what’s needed next and at the right time was tremendous. I highly recommend a session with Sam and her beautiful horses.
Meryl Abrahams, Professional Specialised Kinesiologist

“I was watching the horse eating the grass… so delicately… it was like he was kissing the ground with every small bite.”  B.

Humbled to have been part of the beauty of Great Mystery that worked through everything that was involved this morning…. Deep gratitude to the incredible humans, horses, chickens, and all the seen and unseen energies who supported us. Life is indeed a beautiful one when we choose to say ‘yes’ and show up! – AB

Thank you Sam for your incredible horses and for opening your space

Wonderful to have been present and have witnessed the magic between man and animal – so much power, understanding and gentleness in each. I will treasure today. Thank you. – Caron

Feedback from Sam on one of her own participatory experiences:

“So difficult to put this into words; I had the most amazing experience of the possibility of community
on a four day horse workshop. I watched things shift from disjointed and conflicted communication and the dynamics between strangers..
to a point where with the constant and consistent guidance of the horses showing us how to do this, there emerged an incredible flow of silent and telepathic communion. The group began to move in flow together, with the horses joining, following this incredible one energy that was created. Indescribable, this flow of leadership; leader into follower and follower into leader, each person stepping forward instinctively and intuitively, knowing when their strengths and skills were needed to accomplish the task and realize the vision, and then morphing straight back into a follower when their particular quality and strength had found it’s completion. The experience gave me such incredible hope for a peaceful existence, and a sense of We – as opposed to I and me and mine and self. With the core values of care for people, for the group, and the common vision, and serving that vision – without ego, without dominance, without force. Rising in responsibility, accountability, a school of fish that’s what we became humans and horses one herd moving together in synchronicity all tapped into that field, the Morphic field. And the only way that we could get there, the only way we could learn how to do this, was through the natural facilitation of the horse.  My heart opened wide to the possibility because I had seen it, felt it, been immersed in it, participated in it, embodied it, and what a deeply profound feeling of hope, encouragement, and inspiration. I don’t think that anyone other than the horse could have taken us there. The horses are the ones that are living it, all the time. They are a living example of the natural functioning and beauty of community.”  Sam Huckle

We would love for you to join our
Medicine Horse Tribe!


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