Sessions with our Medicine Horses

Equine Assisted Coaching

Transformational life coaching for you co-facilitated by our Medicine Horses, through a process of engagement, activities and tasks with horses, designed to challenge and provide valuable and workable insights and feedback.

Equine Assisted Counselling

Counselling for you following a client-centered approach. Take the time to express and release; be witnessed and heard; and to simply be in the grounded, healing and compassionate presence of horses.

Family Constellations with Horses

Individual Systemic Family Constellations with our Medicine Horses participating as representatives in an outdoor paddock setting on a beautiful countryside farm.

Sensory Session

A sensory session is somatic work, working on your physical body and nervous system through the presence of the horse and through guided horse-based touch. The may session include full body contact positions on the horses’s back (optional).

Energy Medicine Session

In an energy medicine session we work together with the intuitive guidance of the horses on your energy field. The session includes: assessing your current energy state; shifting and transforming stuck energies through practical exercises; and increasing the flow of pure, positive, blissful energy.

Walkabout with Horses

This is a silent meditation exercise walking out with a horse in hand, and includes guided reflection time according to what arises and what you would like to express.

Creative Musings

Creative session for those who would like to journal, doodle, sketch, brainstorm to generate creative ideas, or meditate in the presence of horse as a MUSE or a model. Sam is present throughout as the horse professional and available to prompt and poke or reflect on stuck places as a facilitator.

Home sessions for your Horse


Intuitive energy healing session for your horse offering predominantly Reiki energy with other energy healing modalities as required. Sessions are useful for: an energy boost for a horse that has been under the weather or is older; speeding up of healing from an injury or surgery; mental/emotional healing; heartache; rescue horses who have been traumatized.


A gentle process of working with a horse that has suffered abuse or trauma or a young horse that is simply not yet accustomed to people. This process is geared towards connection, trust-building, bonding, and relationship-building first and foremost, and then translates into touch, grooming, halter training, leading, and basic handling and safety.

Animal Communication

A 3-way conversation that includes you. I am always interested in empowering others, and so I include you in the process of speaking with your horse. I will guide us through the process of getting into the right state of mind and heart, activating your subtle senses so that you are also open to receiving information and communication.

Home Sessions for you & your animals

Animal Communication

A 3-way conversation that includes you and your domestic animal companion. I will guide us through the process of getting into the right state of mind and heart, activating your subtle senses so that you are also open to receiving information and communication.

Reiki Session

For you and your domestic animal companion together, both of you can benefit from the healing energy simultaneously.

My Animal My Self

This session explores how you and your animal companion may be mirroring one another, sharing an energy state and possibly physical issues and discomforts. Learn from one another and the relationship.


Nature based counselling

Client-centered counselling based on the integrity, authenticity and simplicity of Nature.

Systemic Family Constellations

Individual Family Constellations with Constellation dolls or other objects taking the role of representatives.

Constellation Coaching

Constellation Coaching involves learning and applying Family Constellation philosophy to your life, long with the use of mini-constellations and constellation exercises according to what arises.

Integration Coaching

For those who have had an out of body experience and need support and facilitation to make sense and meaning and to reintegrate into daily living.

Health Coaching

Health is everything! Including energy levels and enjoyment of life. And it starts with food as medicine. We are what we eat! Need help getting on track with your health-style? I am passionate about healthy living.

Accountability Buddy Sessions

Regular check-ins and accountability sessions for those feeling challenged by ADHD or depression.

Sessions in Nature


Meaningful client-centered facilitated conversation while walking in Nature.

Inter-species Communication

Expansion, connection, resourcing, and information gathering in Nature and from Nature through observation, and specific techniques and exercises to open communication.

Nature Constellations

We can Constellate a specific piece of land, a garden, an element of Nature, or your own inner nature, giving a voice to the voiceless, and making the invisible visible, for the purpose of understanding and healing.


Reiki / energy healing

Distance healing sessions available for you.

Reiki / energy healing

Distance healing sessions available for your companion animal.

Reiki / energy healing

Distance healing sessions available for your horse.

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