Individual counselling or coaching sessions are available by appointment weekdays and weekends.

*Please make sure to book your weekend session in advance during the week.

What do you need?

What do you want?

Need to simply and gently BE? Sam and the horses offer support and space for conversation, expression, digestion and guidance through life events that feel emotionally overwhelming and challenging at the deepest level.

What would you like to achieve? Where in your life would you like to improve? Which areas of your life would you like more from? What challenges are you looking to overcome? What is your vision?

Practical and interactive exercises with the horses provide insights, learning, information, and challenges to move you forward toward a richer and more meaningful life experience

No horse or riding experience is required for coaching or counselling sessions. No riding is involved, exercises take place on the ground.

Sessions with horses are held in Klapmuts. Address, directions and pin provided when you book.

Online coaching and counselling sessions (without horses) are available on request.

Please contact us via whatsapp for further information, to book, or to schedule a 10 minute introductory chat.


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